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Dear African hunters, enthusiasts and outfitters

Getting your trophies back home

This headline may prompt one of one the following responses:

  • Can’t recall anything about it really.
  • Was seamless and reasonable.
  • Was more expensive than I thought, but I got my trophies and it worked well.
  • Was way more expensive than I thought, and it actually annoyed me.
  • Was a horror story; costs, delays, in fact some of my trophies are still missing, or I never got them, or they got switched. Everyone blaming someone else. Bottom line – it left a bad taste in my mouth.

As hunters start scrambling for Africa, this is a time to re calibrate. 2020 was a horror, but talking to some early-season hunters at Afton this month got me thinking that I need to reiterate some points.

Let’s make sure mistakes of the past are NOT repeated.

Make sure you have the correct documents from a TRUSTED outfitter – and just check all is in order before you head across here. If you have not got the right outfitter, with all the legal rights in place, and he does not advise you of the entire process of your hunt – beware!

You don’t know it now, but you may be jeopardizing so much down the line. I have a number of stories from just the past three months I am attending to. It is extraordinary. We do not need any more negative experiences, especially when they can be avoided. It does NOTHING for African hunting’s PR.

Africa is THE DESTINATION. We have the greatest variety of game, let’s make the most of it.

At African Hunting Gazette we are out to promote hunting – and help you the international hunter. From dreams we inspire, to the final delivery of your trophies via our AHG Trophy Shipping service, we are here to help.

There’re some incredible professional hunters across this continent, along with the finest taxidermists to immortalize your memories – we just want to help you be cautious.


Richard Lendrum

Wildlife Column

Hunters often get very close to their prey after a successful shot, to get a good look and to admire and feel the coat or feathers of their quarry. Many readers would have noticed parasites like ticks sticking to the bodies of antelopes, or tiny little creatures leaving the bodies of their hosts to seek a new universe. The vast majority of such parasites are harmless to 


Hunting hyena in Africa

The brown hyena, Hyaena brunnea, is a species found in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. It is currently the rarest species of hyena. Brown hyenas average 34 to 55 inches in head and body length. They run 28 to 31 inches at the shoulder. The average adult male weighs 88 to 97 pounds.  There are no significant size differences...


Featured video - Makadi Safaris

Book Review – Drums of the Morning

Drums of the Morning, by respected and highly experienced Zimbabwean professional hunter Wayne Grant, is a must read. In fact, I would go so far as to say that any sport hunter interested in classical fair-chase lion hunting, should consider this book as required reading.


On safari with Jaco Oosthuizen

My dad was an avid hunter, and since we did not have power on the ranches back in those days (except for a rather huge generator which only ran for an hour or two at night) we spent a lot of our time as kids wandering around in the bush exploring and, of course, learning from our fathers. My dad’s oldest brother was our neighbor, so we



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Michel Mantheakis Safaris

By promoting ethical hunting together with conservation, we aim at marketing our safaris to the discerning hunters. 
Anybody can offer you a trophy hunt...


Namibia Safari Cooperation

Jaco van der Merwe, owner, professional hunter and his team welcome you to Namibia
Namibia Safari Corporation entered... 


Royal Karoo Safaris

Set in a Karoo plain, the Boutique Victorian-style lodge – with its stand-alone luxurious cottages – is designed to meet the needs of a modern-day African hunt.


Wow Africa Safaris

Wayne is licensed for big-game hunting in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and has run safari operations in those countries.


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