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    The sun sets on another great African
    There is never a good time to die.

    This scene is particularly special this month. Friends and one of our African Dawn members #HeritageSafaris, Helga on the left, Stephan in the middle and the late, great character who was part of their team and their great friend, Paddy (Blood) Curtis.

    A voice note from Stephen as I was on my way to visit them in Cape Town – delivered the message.  Paddy was gone. Murdered in his home, in his hometown (and mine too) – Bulawayo.

    It is hard to comprehend.

    The out pouring’s of anger, disbelief, as we all try come to terms with this, were far and wide. Pursuance of the perpetrators for revenge, justice, you name it – along with a great send-off memorial last week.  

    Paddy would not have liked to ‘slip away’ as so many use to describe facing the indignity so many must, with long dragged-out terminal illnesses. No way Jose! He went out giving his absolute all. Taking no crap from the intruders. Ending his life on the receiving end of a barrel, oddly enough, in exactly the opposite way he started and spent his entire life - on the delivering end of a barrel. Life is strange.

    Bottom line - this incredibly interesting, colorful and lovable character is gone, leaving us only his memories. And there are many. He will be sorely missed.

    And isn’t that what life is about - a series of memorable experiences we look back on.

    So for this message, all I can say is… look at this image, think of what an Africa scene like this means to you… treasure the memories you have – and then get back to this continent and start some making fresh ones.

    Keep having a wonderful July.

    Best regards, from Africa.
    Richard Lendrum

    Wildlife column

    On 1 July 2022, the Government of Zambia and conservation non-profit organisation, African Parks, announced the signing of a 20 year agreement for the Kafue National Park in a landmark commitment to secure the protection and effective management of one of Africa’s ten largest national parks. This significant new partnership will deliver greater investment in all aspects of Kafue’s park management, to realise its exceptional value to biodiversity, socio-economic development and the people of Zambia. 

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    Classic and Contemporary African Hunting Literature:

    From the Veld – Recipes and Reflections from Namibia

    From the Veld is more than just another cookbook. It’s part autobiography, part photo montage and part homage to the land, the wildlife and the people of her native Namibia. Reading this book—and it must be read, it’s not intended to be skipped through as are most cookbooks— reveals more than Danene’s favorite recipes; it provides insight to her deepest thoughts about growing up, living and raising a family in “the land God made in anger” as the legend suggests.

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    The Night Of The Leopard

    The Land Cruiser rolled to a stop on the rough, hard-packed ruts my PH called a road. Then, shifting into four-wheel drive, we slowly turned onto the soft white sand of the dry river bed. Five minutes later we caught the odor of the rotting bait wired to a branch overhanging the river. There were leopard tracks, and large ones at that, but the warthog bait had not been touched. The trackers began the unpleasant job of cutting the old bait down and replacing it with a fresh ham of zebra. 
    As we left the river bed, jolting up a rocky track, we saw some bush cattle grazing through the thorn scrub. It was these cattle that had brought us to this isolated ranch deep in Africa.

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    Afton 20 years later

    In August of 2002, I first visited  Afton Guesthouse in Johannesburg, SA. The place was recommended by a PH who is no longer in the industry. I was fortunate enough to stay several times during my six weeks and three-country hunt. I was able to harvest all of the Dangerous Seven.
    Fast forward to April of 2022, some 20 years later. I was fortunate enough to stay again with my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and two clients. What a difference two decades has made.
    Afton was, in 2002, a warm and welcoming place for someone who had never been on the African Continent before, or an old pro. It featured old, creaky wood floors and skeleton key access for each room. It offered a few curios here and there and had some recommendations for places near to safely have  dinner and cocktails.

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    Mpofu! The largest of the antelope species

    My first safari was a ten-day jaunt spent on South Africa’s Orange Free State, in the semi-Karoo region not far outside of Bloemfontein. The terrain looked much like the photos I’d seen of classic East African safaris on the Serengeti Plain; couple that with the fact that I wasn’t far from the birthplace of J.R.R. Tolkien and I was just this side of heaven. 

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    Campfire Thoughts & Reminiscences Ch 7

    As previously mentioned, during the 1980s the southern Kruger Park boundary was continuously faced with problems caused by lions crossing. into private properties and killing livestock. 

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    The Triple Deuce Safari

    Two old guys, two double rifles, and two Cape buffalo each. I know, this sounds like an African wreck waiting to happen. When long-time hunting buddy Jim Gefroh and I sat down with Jacques Senekal, owner of African Maximum Safaris in the North West Province of South Africa, and laid our hunting parameters, things did get worse, at least for him.

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    Hunter Profile of a loyal supporter – Chuck Shellhouse

    I am 75 years old and have been enjoying the outdoors my entire life. I grew up on a farm in Ohio and began hunting pheasants and whitetail deer. After college I lived out west in Arizona and Colorado and got hooked on mule deer and elk. I have hunted both in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and even Canada and have taken more than a dozen bull elk. On a quail hunt in Arizona, my hunting buddy and I got stranded on the wrong side of a river due to a massive flash flood on Christmas Eve. You can image the scolding I got from my wife on that trip.

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    The Benefit Of Doubt

    During my hunting experience in South Africa, I learned a very important lesson about taking pride in what you do and to never doubt yourself. I have carried this knowledge with me since the time I had this amazing opportunity.
    Hoooonnnnnk… Shoooooo. Hooooooonk… Shoooooo.
    “Dad can you please put your mouthpiece in.”

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    Featured African Dawn Members

    Elandpro Safaris

    Elandpro is owned by Gerrit and Janneman Breedt, both professional hunters with a shared experienced of more than 50 years in Namibia. We are situated in the northeastern corner of Namibia, close to the town Grootfontein.

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    Mokore Safaris

    Mokore Safaris is one of the leading safari companies in Africa. Established in 1979, it has over 40 years of experience offering high quality, personalised hunting safaris. Mokore, itself, is situated in Zimbabwe's Savé Valley Conservancy.

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    Rovos Rail

    During the height of wingshooting season, Rovos Rail operates a unique eight-day sojourn with variety of shoots ranging from driven guinea fowl to challenging waterfowl and hot-barrelled, flighted rock pigeon and dove.

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    Wow Africa Safaris

    WOW Africa is an established safari company, striving since 1996 to create the African Dream for international visitors. It specializes in individually customized expeditions, and you will experience Africa in all its majesty, departing the dark continent in total awe!

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