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Dear African hunters, enthusiasts and outfitters

While our animal of the month is unquestionably THE most iconic African animal, let’s just stop and think for a minute, what we’re doing and are part of when we talk trophy hunting.

This animal is never top of the charts on a hunter survey for Africa.

Is that because it does not have horns? Is that what our animals have come to in order to satisfy hunters? I am sure there must be more to this that simply the ego-based – “check the size of my trophy” scoreboard. Inches are and can be very important – but this surely has to challenge, or at least raise some small question in the back of our minds.

With no horns, do we start measuring it’s skull size (like lion or leopard), its age, like lion, leopard and I see now, buffalo?

This beast poses no risk of killing or injuring the hunter, so it is not ‘dangerous’ but a tougher animal you will have to search far for.

But, by all accounts, from the early pics of Selous, right up to the tales of chasing them across the Namibian mountains – they represent and present a most respectable hunt.

In terms of the animal itself; there is no more definitive African animal. Indigenous, endemic to (except for exotic ranches and zoos) and representative of, Africa.

Utilized, in more ways than any species. Converted into more works of décor, art and furniture than any other. Copied, painted, photographed and made into fabric.

And here’s the kicker (‘scuse the pun) – a trophy that when displayed, seems to be a lot more palatable to the non-hunters stomach. Don’t even go there – but it is a fact!

That in itself means we have a change agent here to use more wisely as we continue this quest to educate.

So for the month of July, we’re celebrating Africa’s black and white equine. Her variety of subspecies – that depending on where you hunt them isn’t always simply black and white.
Some have shadows! Z is for zebra!


Richard Lendrum

Wildlife column

As the UK parliament consider bans on hunting trophy imports, community leaders representing millions of rural Africans have launched an official complaint against one of the key players in the campaign against trophy hunting. Representatives from communities of six southern African nations are accusing celebrity-backed animal charity the Born Free Foundation of waging a campaign of disinformation against trophy hunting that will damage African conservation activities, and undermine their human rights and livelihoods.

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Hunting zebra in Africa

The Burchell’s zebra Equus burchelli, is a southern subspecies of the plains zebra. It differs from that zebra by a number of features, most prominent being shadow stripes which are overlaid on the white stripes on the African zebra’s hindquarters. The dewlap that is common on other zebras is missing. Burchell’s zebra stands around 52 inches at the shoulder and stallions will weigh between 550 to 600 pounds. Each Burchell’s zebra has a unique stripe pattern. When seen at a distance the stripes run together and the animal appears light brown.

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First African Adventure

 It starts like most adventures start – a thought in the back of your mind, a vision of adventure, the experience of a new culture, new people, and a different perspective of a sunset in a remote continent and different hemisphere.
Such was the case when I began thinking and dreaming of an African hunt. I had always dreamed of such an adventure, but could I make it a reality? The expense, the travel complications, firearm permits, work responsibilities, locating an outfitter and an area to hunt -the list of excuses can be endless.

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A West African Hunting Story

Suspicions arose when my French representative took me aside at Ouamou, our hunting camp in eastern Burkina Faso, strongly advising me to keep my firearm within reach at all times. I had just arrived with my last group of hunters after two months of back-to-back safaris in Burkina Faso (formally known as Upper Volta). Some background. Terrorist attacks escalated during the past few years in Burkina Faso. On 2 March 2018, at least eight heavily armed militants launched an assault on key locations throughout Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. 

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This month's featured African Dawn Outfitters

Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris

With about thirty years of experience in operating hunting safaris, we would like to invite you along for an overview of our unique operation. We are looking forward to taking you on a journey to our various hunting concessions with exclusive accommodation and service to guarantee your ultimate safari experience.

Kwalata Safaris

Kwalata Safaris offers you the finest big and plains game hunting that Zambia has to offer. We take great pride in offering our clients a luxury and safe hunting environment and taking them to highest level of collecting very mature, record book trophies. From the beginning to the end of your stay with us you will be treated and guided by our most professional safari team who pay attention to detail.

Omalanga Safaris

In the African wilderness of Namibia, the basic concept of Omalanga Safaris is authentic hunting in style.
Owner and professional hunter Reinhild Schwalm has, at her disposal, hunting grounds covering more than 70,000 ha, ensuring the ultimate Namibian hunting experience. You are offered the unique opportunity for hunting and observing the top-quality free-ranging game in their natural environment.

Rann Safaris

Jeffrey Lynn Rann began his professional hunting career in 1977 after completing a 3-year apprenticeship with Zambia Safaris. In 1981, he moved to South Africa, primarily hunting Letaba Ranch for Limpopo Safaris. Two years later Jeff joined Hunters Africa and hunted Tanzania until 1985. It was during this time that he began hunting in Botswana and in 1987 was named Botswana Professional Hunter of the year.


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