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Dear African hunters, enthusiasts and outfitters

Send in the clowns

Not sure how they first got the reference to being clowns of the savanna, but some refer to them as such.

The blue wildebeest is not high on the wish list of first timers, nor is it the most majestic. Yet, think about it, when it comes to Africa’s main wildlife attraction it is, bar none, the Great Migration, where these animals are joint leading performers.

Over time, with more safaris under one’s belt, their appeal grows. And like each game animal of Africa, they have their unique qualities, which for the visiting hunter, very soon become an integral part of the species pursued.

There is a lot to go through in this edition of AHG Monthly, so I’ll keep my message brief.

But let’s pay tribute and respect to this rather unsung hero. A survivor, no matter how dumb we think they are, and diversely spread African resident.

Clowning around or not – let’s give the wildebeest an applause.

Richard Lendrum

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Wildlife column

Readers will have noticed a recent massive surge in alarming international news about the climate. This is an organised, contrived campaign to draw attention to the forthcoming United Nations climate conference to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has carefully chosen this time to release part of its Sixth Assessment Report, and the so-called ‘Summary for Policy Makers’. 

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Hunting wildebeest in Africa

The Black wildebeest (Connochaetes gnou) is sometimes referenced to as the white-tailed gnu.  Its average weight runs between 250-425 pounds, and shoulder height is four feet.  The overall length 65 inches to 90 inches.  The black wildebeest has a dark brown to black coat with a rather incongruous white tail. Males are darker than females.  Both sexes have forward-curving horns up to 30 inches long with the female’s being shorter but similar in shape to the that of the male.

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Life Form Taxidermy

Established in 1981, Life-Form Taxidermy is a world-renowned studio, with a large, dedicated staff, providing top quality taxidermy and outstanding service.
Our indigenous taxidermists specialize in African game and, coupled with their artistic talent and craftsmanship, this results in life-like recreations of game species. All manikins are custom made according to client’s specific requests

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Hunting Buff with Stephen Bann

While most folks spend a lifetime dreaming of hunting Cape buffalo, I was lucky enough to make that dream a reality. Cape Buffalo, known as The Black Death for their aggressive and angry nature, are one of the most dangerous big game animals not only in Africa, but in the world.
Early on, we had identified the old warrior of a bull that I wanted to hunt, instantly recognizable for his scarred face, worn horns, hard bosses, and wide spread

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The Orange Grove Bushbuck

I met Sydney in Kentucky in 2020, just before Covid, and we immediately started talking about a family trip with her, her father and her boyfriend coming to Africa. It was planned for the end of 2020, but obviously Covid ruined our plans. 
One evening in early 2021 she and her dad said that they needed to get out of America and get away from the madness. They called me, and it happened that I would be hosting them the very same day our first flights reopened into South Africa.

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Fury at Bay

Hunters who have had the privilege to hunt leopard over hounds or over bait will know the anticipation and excitement of the hunt, from the day you book it, to the day you start hanging baits or dragging roads, through to the day you first lay eyes on your leopard. For Todd this all started in 2017 when he and his hunting mate John booked a double leopard hunt with us and our hounds in the Lowveld of Zimbabwe. A coin was flipped, and John was first up.

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African Dawn Outfitters of the Month

Byseewah Safaris

Byseewah offers a total African experience for hunters, fishermen, and photographers. Accompanied by professional guides, hunters stalk game on foot, following the tracks of antelope, hyena, and the occasional leopard. All hunting is done on foot and carried out according to the Ethical Hunter’s code.

Johan Calitz Safaris

Botswana was always known for its big tuskers. We have a healthy quota of elephant, leopard, buffalo, and a range of antelope on quota in NG41, and in Mababe community, and are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the community to their benefit and growth as well.

Mokore Safaris

The company is run by the Duckworth family. Mokore, itself, is situated in the world-famous Savé Valley Conservancy in the south-east Lowveld of Zimbabwe. The Savé Valley Conservancy is home to the Big Five as well as other wildlife in a great variety of terrain.

Ndumo Hunting Safaris

Ndumo Safaris is a Namibian company, based in the Zambezi region (formerly known as the Caprivi Strip) of Namibia, from where we operate one of very few companies that specializes in hunting dangerous game. Namibia is one of the most diverse countries in Africa

News & higlights from African Dawn Outfitters

Trophies takes at Bergzicht Game Lodge

Stone Hunting Safari trophies

Trophies from Spear Safaris

Recent trophies from Mayo Oldiri Safaris

Motsomi's Happy Customers

When we planned our 1st trip with Motsomi in 2018, we planned it as a once in a lifetime trip. Then we fell in love with SA and made lifelong friends. Our 2nd trip here with Motsomi may have even topped our 1st as we have already started planning our 3rd trip. Marco and Isaac are an amazing team who work hard to help you find the best animals, and also do not mind teaching you along the way. I set a goal to hit 53 different species and they made sure I hit that good. Jackson served amazing food and made sure we were well fed. All of the staff is exceptionally friendly and helpful. Thank you, Pieter, Ria and Juanita for all you do behind the scenes to make things run smooth and come together. We look forward to our next trip with Motsomi.
Nick and Debi,
Maryland, USA

For my 3rd trip to Africa with Motsomi I brought my son along and thanks to Pieter we will have memories to last forever. From the beginning of the safari with hunting the Sable and Roan along with the Golden Wildebeest to hunting the Nyala which was my son’s dream animal to capping it off with his 55” Kudu and finishing it off with our Impalas on the last day. I want to thank Pieter, Ria and all the staff for making our trip a wonderful experience, I would also like to thank Jeff and Simon, our trackers for the friendly times while hunting. I will always consider the Motsomi Family as some of the best friends you can have.
Till next time,

This trip was planned for my dad’s 60th birthday, and although a year late I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. The team at Motsomi was a complete joy from the very beginning. From Ria and Pieter throughout the entire staff they couldn’t be a more friendly bunch. Pieter and his team, Jeff and Simon, made sure every hunt was enjoyable and filled with laughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better hunt and memories to last a lifetime. The trophies were an exceptional souvenir to remember a fantastic trip.

Coming to Africa for the first time with our whole family, where unsure what to expect. Any concerns were soon alleviated when we arrived at Motsomi camp. The area was beautiful and we were welcome with open arms. Pieter and Dirk were patient in teaching the boys about African Wildlife and hunting and the basics of safaris. The atmosphere and food were incredible. The staff from cook to tracker to cleaning were professional and friendly. They created a wonderful personal experience for us all. Can't wait to come back!

Thanks so much,
Tasos and Gayle & the Boys

This is our 4th trip and still in love with Africa & the Motsomi family. Everything we had on our “wish list” was harvested. Pieter and Ria run a top-notch operation, paying attention to every detail. Food, accommodations, and hunts are well planned. Staff is very polite and friendly. Fireside conversation is always refreshing and this time we had the pleasure of spending time we had the pleasure of spending an evening with PC, Nadia, and their significant others.

When Motsomi says “come as a client, leave as a friend”, they are not kidding.

Paul and Sharon,

As their motto goes, we definitely "Came as clients and are leaving as friends". With the Covid delays, it was two years of waiting and building anticipation before we were even able to take off... and it was worth every moment. The quality and attention to the smallest of details in every aspect of our safari is really beyond mere words. The hunting experience is everything we were hoping for and more. The trophies were exceptional, and the shot opportunities were exceptional. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Vince and Susan


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