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It's been a while since our last newsletter. It's been a busy time at Formgrids. We are expanding and we'll be making some announcements about that soon.

The Hollywoodbets Durban July was one of the events that kept us busy. In this Formgrids Info letter there is a review of this great event by David Safi and Piere Strydom.

We will also be showing you how to use the Formlines Finder tool in Formgrids. This is a unique feature to Formgrids. Formlines are often mentioned by the top race reviewers. Well, we made it easy for you to find good formlines.

Lastly, we will be including a new section where we give a historical account of a great jockey or horse or anyone else who achieved great things in horse racing.

The Formgrids Team

(Editor: Wolfgang - [email protected])

How to use the Formline Tool

Formgrids includes a Formlines Finder to help the Formgridian to find formlines. There are so many results and that to find a good formline could take quite a while.

So this tool becomes very useful to short-circuit your search.

Tip: If you are unfamiliar with what a formline is, I suggest that you click this link which explains formlines.

What is a formline?

There are two ways to access the Formlines Tool:

  1. The global formlines search from the main menu
  2. Accessing the formlines search from a race card or a result.

Global Formlines Search

Using this access point for the Formline Tool allows you to search formlines for all venues or any selected venue. The button for this is on the main menu.

You can narrow your search by applying any of the various filters available.

To generate the report click the "Go" button.

Most filters are fairly obvious such as choosing a venue and choosing the sort sequence.

The "Going back" filter allows you to select how far back in time you want the finder to search for formlines. A recommended value is "3 months" but you can go back as far as 5 months.

The "Formlines" choice narrows or broadens the choice by choosing only "Immediate formlines" (which means the race the horse ran immediately after a result) or one can include the subsequent run as well. The recommended value is "Immediate  only".

Lastly another option to narrow or broaden the search is by selecting "Wins and 2nds" or just the winners. The recommended value is "Wins only".

The options are available because sometimes it is useful to broaden or narrow the search.

Accessing the Formlines search from a race card or a result

The Formlines Tool is accessed from the green button on the race card or result.

Ths is very similar to the Global Formlines Search but differs in two main respects:

  1. The search is restricted to finding formlines for races that includes only the horses in the card or result. This saves the Formgridian a fair amount of work when the person is only interested in the horses for that race.
  2. The report now includes extra information shown with a golden background. This section lists horses that are in the card or result. Now you can easily see the horses that make up the formline and to which horses on the card or result that they ran against. That makes the form study much easier and more useful.

Understanding the formlines report

  1. The main line shows the date and the venue of the race found. This line also shows the number of wins (with a green graph) and the number of 2nds (graph shown in yellow). The value in parenthesis is the total number of results (and 2nds) in the immediate and/or subsequent formlines. It is this total value that determines the percentage (wins + 2nds divided by the total). In general, the higher that this total value is the better. Click on the "Date" to navigate to the full result.
  2. The sub-report breaks down each of the horses totalled from the main line. Again green and yellow graphs are shown to show the number of wins and 2nds for each of the horses.

Note that the yellow graphs will be absent if you choose "Wins only". This will also change the percentage.

Often when you hear top analysts evaluating a race you will hear the phrase "a good formline" and now you can find them too!

Interview with Striker Strydom

Piere Strydom on SEE IT AGAIN with Michael Muis Roberts

Striker Strydom's day at the July

David Safi: The 2023 Hollywoodbets Durban July is now behind us and I spoke to Striker Strydom to get his opinion on his participation on the race day.

Piere Strydom: Piere said that from his perspective, he enjoyed the event. At the start of the day, he had some concerns in terms of his weight but thankfully he was perfectly weighted when he arrived at the course. He had two rides before the main race which were uneventful but that didn’t dampen his spirits for the main feature.

His ride, SEE IT AGAIN, tends not to jump well so Piere was concerned that if he played up in the stalls and did not jump, he may be left behind and be caught up in the field. His mount was well behaved and jumped on terms.

Along the back straight Striker couldn’t believe his luck as he couldn't have wished for a better position. SON OF RAJ was just ahead which suited him because he generally races handy. He was travelling well and going fine. At the 800m mark several runners started moving up on the outside and they started bumping and boring.

Piere was nearly in the straight and he saw a gap on the inside. He got into the straight without much effort. Striker couldn’t believe his luck but as the saying goes, if it looks too good to be true, all too often it is.

Piere asked SEE IT AGAIN to quicken and he responded well. He was thinking "I may be about to see the number 1 box again," but sadly it wasn't to be.

The Brett Crawford trained WINCHESTER MANSION under the ride of the Kabelo Matsunyane in the colours of Gaynor Rupert came good right near the end to win by a quarter of a length.

Striker was pleased with his ride on SEE IT AGAIN and likewise, trainer Muis Roberts was extremely happy with the ride as was the owner Nick Jonsson. If he returns well after the July, he may well be entered on Gold Cup Day. A further possibility is for Piere to extend his retirement for a few months to partner SEE IT AGAIN in the Met.

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Featuring The Greats

SEA COTTAGE: The Legendary Racehorse That Conquered Hearts and Tracks

Trainer Syd Laird with SEA COTTAGE

In the annals of horse racing history, few names command as much reverence and admiration as SEA COTTAGE. This legendary racehorse, born on a chilly winter day in 1954, would go on to captivate the world with its exceptional talent and unrivaled spirit. Known for its breathtaking speed and unwavering determination, SEA COTTAGE left an indelible mark on the sport and the hearts of fans worldwide.

Bred in South Africa by the esteemed horseman Syd Laird, SEA COTTAGE quickly showed promise as a two-year-old, displaying an innate grace and power on the track. However, it was during its three-year-old campaign that the horse truly blossomed into a force to be reckoned with. With jockey Michael Roberts in the saddle, SEA COTTAGE clinched an impressive string of victories, including the prestigious Durban July Handicap and the South African Derby.

The triumphs of SEA COTTAGE were not confined to South African soil alone. In 1966, the charismatic horse traveled to England to compete in the iconic King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot. Despite being a relative unknown in European racing circles, SEA COTTAGE defied the odds and emerged victorious, stunning seasoned observers and catapulting itself to international stardom.

What set SEA COTTAGE apart was not only its undeniable talent but also its unyielding spirit. The horse possessed an unwavering determination that drove it to surpass expectations time and time again. Its tenacity and heart resonated with fans, who affectionately dubbed it the "Peoples' Champion."

SEA COTTAGE's impact extended far beyond the racing world. It became a symbol of hope and inspiration, demonstrating that with hard work, perseverance, and a touch of magic, dreams can be realized against all odds. Its story touched the lives of millions, transcending borders and igniting a passion for horse racing in the hearts of many.

Today, as we reflect on the glorious career of SEA COTTAGE, we celebrate not only its achievements but also the legacy it left behind. The horse served as an embodiment of the timeless bond between humans and animals, showcasing the beauty of the equine spirit and the magic that unfolds on the racetrack. SEA COTTAGE may have crossed the finish line for the last time, but its memory will forever gallop in the hearts of those who witnessed its extraordinary journey.

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