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Editorial (scroll down to read)
Wildlife column by Dr. John Ledger
Featured animal: Waterbuck
Taxidermist profile: DonClaire Taxidermy


African Dawn outfitters

On safari with...


 As the 2021 season kicks off, I thought some insights from someone who understands big game could be interesting.
Stretch Ferreira, a professional hunter and now full-time guide, based in arguably one of the most wonderful areas of southern Africa – Mana Pools – has been hunting and now exclusively guiding safaris for 37 years.
His photos on his website and his Facebook page will leave you in awe. I recommend linking in with him to get your regular dose of extraordinary scenery and wildlife. While controversial for some, in that he walks clients in and really close to wild big dangerous game, he does say that he offers an unforgettable wildlife experience. With specific reference to big game hunting, he explained to me on the short call I had, why he does what he does and how this can help dangerous game hunters.
Click here for a listen.
To check out Stretch's encounters, visit the African Hunting Gazette YouTube channel. And here is just a small selection of his brilliant photos.

Housekeeping & travel related stuff

While airlines are opening, at our Afton guest house we offer a Covid test that comes out to us - helps take some pressure off you.
If you are NOT certain yet with whom to hunt – be sure to review the African Dawn members that we have on our website. They cover every country in Africa, you can book directly with them – with the comfort that you are in good hands.
Click here for African Dawn Outfitters.
Richard Lendrum
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Wildlife Column

The publication of a tender document for the auction of four groups of elephants in Namibia triggered howls of protest from the animal rights lobby all around the world. As often happens in these cases, the mainstream media published sensational and misleading information that vilified the Namibian government with accusations  of corruption and all other kinds of malfeasance.


Hunting waterbuck in Africa

The waterbuck Kobus ellipsiprymnus is a large antelope found widely in sub-Saharan Africa in Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, and other countries. Males are larger than females, weighing between 430 and 580 pounds, and standing 47 to 54 inches at the shoulder. 


Taxidermist profile: DonClaire Taxidermy

I grew up on a farm and hunting has always been a part of my life, I realized that unlike my brothers the skinning of the animals was never an issue for me, I enjoyed it. And I have an artistic side. One day while I was in Standard 9, a friend brought his steenbuck mount to the hostel, and that day I knew that I needed to try doing this.


Man in the Middle

This is a cautionary tale for those of you that hunt internationally and wire large sums of money for deposits, trophy fee pre-payments for after safari final payments for extras.
In August of 2020 I booked several dangerous-game hunts in Zimbabwe for international clients. My normal procedure has been to issue a written quote along with a deposit wiring


News from Eastern Cape Bowhunting

The Hunt Is On
With new hunting blinds, record animal births and thriving populations of South Africa’s most prized game, 2021 is poised to be an unforgettable year at Eastern Cape Bowhunting.As the world knows, 2020 was unlike any year ever before experienced—and that was true for life at Eastern Cape Bowhunting.


On safari with Grant Taylor

Embarrassing stories are too many to mention all in one article. One that does come to mind was following a wounded old buffalo bull in the thick coastal forests in central Mozambique. After several hours on the tracks and having jumped the wounded bull several times we were a little mentally drained and maybe lost a bit of our sharpness. I saw at very close range in the thick forest what looked like the wounded bull lying down facing away from us.



Aru Game Lodges

The scenery is vast, the game wild. Aru Game Lodges is a family-run safari company with two unique, well-appointed lodges- Kalakwa Lodge and Veronica Lodge - both a short drive from Windhoek.


HHK Safaris

HHK Safaris is one of Zimbabwe’s largest safari operators, with exclusive control over some of Africa’s best hunting and fishing concessions. Our wildlife concessions and our diverse hunting quotas allow us to tailor safari 


Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

Jamy Traut is a well-known and respected outfitter based in Namibia. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris is a family-run operation dedicated to providing a


Wow Africa Safaris

WOW Africa is an established safari company, striving since 1996 to create the African Dream for international visitors.


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