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Start of Term 2
I trust that you all have managed to have a restful break and had the opportunity to relax and unwind with family and friends. Furthermore, that you and your parents have reflected on your achievements and academic progress for Term 1 and know where your focus needs to be for Term 2. A number of you sacrificed a significant portion of your holiday to attend various festivals around the country and I thank you and the staff for that.

Read Mr Luman's full report here including welcoming new staff, our Wellness Survey and a reminder for our boys regarding Mothers' Day on Sunday.

We are the Vine... 
Ahead of the start of term 2. Rev Collin Moore shared his inspiring message with our boys at the opening assembly of the term.

He reminded the boys that we are like a vine; we need to get rid of and "prune" those things that are holding us back. He encouraged the boys to be dedicated, work hard and commit to "feed' those skills and talents that they want to develop further.

He also reminded College that, as part of the same vine, we are all inter-connected and linked to each other. We need to work as a family to support and build each other up, and celebrate our successes.

Night of 1000 Stars

During Happiness Week at the end of Term 1, we held the Night of 1000 Stars concert revealing some outstanding talent from our boys and staff. 

Despite not being able to have a live audience, our boys and staff produced a superb show which we have recorded, thanks to DigiTV SA  to share with you...
Click here to watch the concert 


College's Finance Whizz Kids
Our 6th form Accounting learners recently participated in a 5 week investment challenge.

They were given R250 000 of virtual monies to invest in at least 3 JSE traded shares as well as at least one Crypto currency.

The learners had to research the background of each investment as well as present their reasons for choosing the respective investments. This involved analysing the financial statements of each company and assessing it for future capital growth. During the 5 week period, learners had to track the value of the investments and could buy and sell them on a weekly basis in order to maximise the value of their portfolio.

The learners demonstrated insight in their choice of investments, with only 6% of the Grade realised a loss. The overall majority managed to increase their portfolio value during the 5 week period and many showed an affinity for selecting their specific Crypto currencies.

We trust there will be some interesting conversations over the dinner table about what do with their monthly pocket money from now on.

Congratulations to L. Magwaza who achieved the highest overall growth. He managed to increase his portfolio value from R250 000 to R341 852 over the 5 week period – an impressive 36.7% return. He is awarded a month of Zarm’s at the Zarm Farm for his efforts.


Sport is Back

Memorandum of Understanding

We are thrilled to see the resumption of school sports fixtures and look forward to a great season of fixtures ahead.

College has joined with our fellow boys’ schools in KZN as a collective, in support of the role and value sport plays in the development of young men. Our strength as boys’ schools is built on the solid foundation of friendly matches that have served us well over the years.

The resumption of fixtures comes with a set of Gazetted regulations which are in place to protect all our boys and their families from the still very present threat of COVID-19.

As the College community – please take time to read the Memorandum of Understanding HERE we have signed as a collective, and help us by adhering to these regulations and the spirit with which we are approaching our return to fixtures.

Further details of our games and results are available on our College Sport App.

#weareready #sportisback


Holiday Sport Results
With the formal return to school sport, during the holidays, Maritzburg College’s teams participated in Hockey and Rugby festivals around the country, as well as in Squash, Cross Country and Golf competitions.

Details of all the results here


Enjoy our virtual Jazz Band Concert

#collegemusic  #collegeculture  #collegeinaction

Our Jazz Band was not able to host a show last term for the College community as a result of COVID restrictions, so thanks to Llewelyn Faber and Stage Group Productions, we produced a wonderful virtual event featuring our talented boys and staff. Thank you to Mr Simon Stickells and his team!

The programme includes Dembese, Otto Korrek, Girl from Impanema, Burritos to Go, You and Me, and Mr Blue Sky.

Enjoy the concert here

House Music Competition Results
In the last issue of this newsletter, we posted the results from our annual inter-house music competition; here

During the holidays we released the videos of the top 3 performances in each of the three categories; House Soloist, House Band and House Musical Performance

Watch our talented boys in action;
Top 3 House Soloists
Top 3 House Bands
Top 3 House Musical Performances

Welcome to the new MCOBA President
On behalf of the College community we extend congratulations and a warm welcome to Mr Andrew Clayton (OC1991) who was elected as the new President of MCOBA at their AGM held on 22 April. Mr Bruce Lesur (OC1989) takes on the role of Vice President. Mr Grant Little (OC1985) remains on the Exec as the immediate Past President, and we thank him for his years of service to the Association and the School.

We wish the new MCOBA Executive everything of the best. We are proud of strong links we have with MCOBA, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.

Launching our '99 Campaign

On 22 April, at the Goldstones Parents Club cocktail party, we launched a new initiative at College – our 99 Campaign.

This campaign is working through our College Foundation 100million4College initiative to create many more opportunities for boys to benefit from the excellent and relevant education experience that College offers, along with access to high quality teaching and sporting facilities and resources.

We appeal to the whole College community, and in particular our parents, to consider joining the campaign, and helping us to CHANGE LIVES AND SHAPE FUTURES.

Your small regular monthly donation of just R99 will be leveraged with a matching amount from a 100m4C legacy donor – so equates to R198! 

Funds collected via the Foundation will ensure we can futureproof College and all it aims to achieve.

To find out more, please contact [email protected], and to make your pledge please click on this link


Celebrating Freedom Day and Workers Day on the #RedBlackWhite campus

Since the end of last term we have celebrated both Freedom Day and Workers' Day as a country.

As a school, we also celebrated these important events...

Freedom Day  27 April
Today marks a momentous day, Freedom Day, a day where we celebrate the relentless efforts of all those who fought for democracy.

Maritzburg College is a school rich in history, tradition, diversity and culture, committed to fight against discrimination.
Nelson Mandela, former SA President once said; “Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as one, as we renew our common loyalty to our country and our commitment to its future.”

We call on College brothers around the country to unite in our commitment to work towards a better future for all South Africans.

Happy Freedom Day!


Workers' Day 1 May

Our Workers Day Message here

We want to take this Workers' Day to send our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated staff who keep Maritzburg College running so smoothly, thank you to our #CollegeTeam!


Cashless payment @ College with Cashloop 

2020 saw a lot of change and a new way of living and learning. Because of this, we have decided to implement the Cashloop application to enhance our current approach to health and safety, whilst providing an easy and instant way of paying, communicating and collecting at Maritzburg College. 

The Cashloop app was created by three brothers, all proud Maritzburg College Old Boys and its sole purpose is to enable cashless, contactless payments in our school ecosystem. Learners will be able to pay instantly via the app at retail spaces within the school, including the Zarm Farm and our College Shoppe. This means ZERO cash. No need to give large sums of money or credit cards to boys, as you can upload and transfer to their Cashloop eWallet from yours remotely.

Please download the Cashloop app for yourself as a parent, and for your son. Please ensure your phone’s mobile software is fully up to date to enable the app to work optimally. When setting up the App, select MARITZBURG COLLEGE as your chosen Community and it will populate the app with the College code. 

More information on Cashloop here

We hope you enjoy using Cashloop. If you experience any problems with the app please contact Cashloop at [email protected] or WhatsApp 0648803732.

If you would like to advertise in our beautiful school magazine, please contact the editor, Mrs Liz Dewes, at [email protected] or phone (033) 342 9376 (mornings only)

Support Your School
Although our boys are not yet back playing on Goldstones and Papes, with the opportunity to stand on the sidelines and support our #redblackwhite teams on a Saturday, there are a number of ways you can support Maritzburg College, even during Lockdown.

These include having MAKRO and MYSCHOOL cards as well as joining the Litres for Education initiative.

Find out more here.

Revised School Term Dates 2021
After receiving revised information from the Department of Education, we have updated our school term dates: 

  • Second Term      Monday 3 May to Friday 9 July
  • Third Term          Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October
  • Fourth Term       Monday 11 October to Wednesday 15 December                                                   [official closing date]


  • Second Term                      All Boarders: Sunday 2 May by 19:00
  • Third Term                          All Boarders: Sunday 25 July by 19:00
  • Fourth Term                       All Boarders: Sunday 10 October by 19:00

Important Dates: Term 2

Thursday 13 May    Career Focus 2021 

Monday 17 May      Funk Live Stream Premier 

Tuesday 18 May     Form 3 Parents’ Evening 

Tuesday 25 May     Form 2 Parents’ Evening 

Wednesday 9 June - Monday 5 July Mid-Year Control Tests [Timetable to be provided to the boys]

Contact Maritzburg College
Physical Address: 51 College Road, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Postal Address: PO Box 398, Pietermaritzburg, 3200
Information and Enquiries: [email protected]
School: Tel: 033 342 9376 | Fax: 033 394 2908
Finance: Fax: 033 394 2559