Info Letter Issue 0201


Several things have been happening at Formgrids so we figured we would start up our Info Letter again after many years.

We hope that you will enjoy our new format.

The Formgrids Team

Changes and Enhancements

In the grids there is a new option: "Prize". This refers to the stake money also called the prize money. One of our users requested this option and we thought it was a good idea so we added it.

Essentially it provides the form studier a tool to determine level of the race.

See our news item of 12 January 2023 entitled the New Formgrids Feature for a video created by John Sweet that describes this new feature and how to use it.

We fixed a bug on bet button in Card A. The problem was when a user tries to click on the button to add a horse to his betting list and this same user had previously added this same horse to the betting list, then the button would not work. This has now been fixed.

Another problem was when a user opened another page and then returned to this page using a back button. The recently selected bets would not show unless the page was refreshed. This bug has also been fixed.

Keep a lookout for the Bet Button feature in Formgrids. There are some very useful functions that are currently being developed that will make this feature a lot more useful.

Note: With our association with Betfred we are now able to add more features to Formgrids. We are hoping that some of these will be active before the end of February. We will keep you posted via this revived Info Letter.


You may have noticed that we now have Betfred as our sponsor. Betfred have been fantastic and we have been hearing that punters that have signed on with Betfred have been getting fantastic service.

We now publish, daily, in our news section, the current day's race information with the races that form the legs of the exotics bets like the Pick6 and the P/A. We also, for your convinience, provide links directly to the betting pages on Betfred.

Fantasy Racing

Excitement is mounting at our sister site, Fantasy Racing. Betfred have offered some amazing prizes for each of the tournaments as well as to new signups.

For instance, if you sign up with Fantasy and with Betfred you will immediately earn R250.

On some tournaments you can earn betting vouchers worth R4000 from Betfred.

Find out about all the tournaments here: Fantasy Racing Tournaments.

Here is a video on YouTube explaining what Fantasy Racing is: Fantasy Racing Explained.

Thank you for reading our Info Letter. We hope that you have found the information useful.

We will include in our next newsletter a feedback form where you can tell us what you would like us to feature in future issues.

Bye for now and happy form studying...

The Formgrids Team


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