Info Letter Issue 0203


A short info news this time. We are, however, busy with some fantastic enhancements to Formgrids.

We hope to let you know by the next Info News!

The Formgrids Team

(Editor: Wolfgang - [email protected])

Changes and Enhancements

We have changed the menu on our mobile web to use the "Hamburger" style menu.

This allows for the data to move up and be more visible plus this menu allows us to expand the Formgrids mobile web in future.

Do you find this easier to use?

On our help system we have added a new tutorial.

It called: "Finding LUCKY LAD and using the Watchlist".

The tutorial follows the study path and logic used by the Formgridian to find this amazing colt and predicting his next win. A great lesson in learning how to use Formgrids. It also shows you how the Watchlist can be used.

Note: With our association with Betfred we are now able to add more features to Formgrids and to Fantasy Racing. We will keep you posted via this Info Letter.

Product Highlights

Do you know which Formgrids tool is highly rated and used by top punters?

Well? The Formgrids Length Behind Tool.

This tool compares different races on the same day at the same venue for the same distance.

This way you can compare horses from different races. Each race has a different highlight colour.

Also included are the grids and the Watchlist eye.

Special note: The LBH is calculated based on the time. So the LBH is an "estimated length behind" and will probably not match the LBH on the results. But this does not matter. The tool is meant to compare and does so in a very useful and practical manner.

One of our friends who does a lot of punting swears by this tool and wins about R20000 per month using very low bets.

The featured new tutorial "Finding LUCKY LAD and using the Watchlist" also shows the use of the LBH tool.

General Info

Welcome to our new advertisers:

  1. British Boom Bets
  2. Feathers Patches
Please support them. Formgrids is free to use and it is our sponsors and advertisers that keep the food on the table.

Please don't forget to support our sponsor, Betfred.

In our News section on our front page we publish the day's betting using a simple infographic with links directly to Betfred.

That's it for this issue...

Bye for now and happy form studying...

The Formgrids Team


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