Taxidermy & Trophy Solutions

As the marketing season is in full swing and safaris are being planned and booked, I felt it important to make a big bold statement regarding the TTS service we now offer.

Why? Well, when the hunt is over, the important next step is the management and costs of your trophy handling.

While shipping costs have gone ballistic since covid, it exposed an opportunity we have been fortunate to apply for your benefit, and that is to negotiate favorable taxidermy rates in South Africa. In fact, extremely favorable rates through our taxidermy brokerage network being the first part. These costs, when combined with our already lowest shipping rates, mean you will save 40% plus on the traditional ‘after hunt costs.’

Hard to believe, but true.

Furthermore, there are other factors to consider that may not have been adequately explained in the past.

An example: Instead of sending the ‘Dip and Pack’ trophies home, perhaps consider tanning it in Africa. Why? Because if you see the skin is damaged, you will be able to do something about it ‘In Africa.’ You will save money on the shipping of lighter cargo, the process avoids one extra step (saving time) back home, and your taxidermist back home can get straight to mounting it when he receives an already tanned skin.  

As you know, my mission is promoting hunting in Africa.

And when it comes to shipping – which we have done for 7 years, saving you money so you can hunt more – was part of this mission.

TTS, the A-Z, one point of contact – Taxidermy & Trophy Solutions business – is our next chapter in the journey.

Using our one-stop service is straight forward.

  1. You’ll need to inform your outfitter that you will be using our services. Ideally before the safari, but certainly, while on the safari. NB. You do not want to leave your safari without clarifying what happens to your trophy.
  2. We need your confirmation that we can contact your Outfitter and plan the collection of your trophies or their importation, if in a neighboring state.
  3. Once we know what trophies you have hunted, we’ll prepare a first DRAFT of your mounting instructions as we believe them to be, along with envisaged costs of the export and shipping.
  4. This forms the basis for receiving a deposit, which we need to collect the trophies. On occasion, timing may not allow this, and we would then collect the trophies in good faith as you would have given TTS the ‘go ahead,’ having seen the envisaged costs of our work, (be it on the quote, web or on a flyer). NB. We will not transport trophies without your authority.
  5. We’ll go back and forth with the paperwork, while you decide and ultimately confirm mounting instructions. This may go well into the time when you back home – and that’s OK. You need to be 100% comfortable.  
  6. Upon collecting the trophies, we confirm with you immediately, so you know that your trophies are being attended to right away. We take them directly to the taxidermist, pay the Outfitter his commission and the taxidermist’s deposit to start the work.
  7. We’ll keep you updated monthly, although the first few months there is not much happening. In the mounting stage when finishing touches are carried out, you will be updated regularly with photos.  
  8. When completed, and WE are happy (firstly) and, most importantly, YOU are happy, we’ll ask for the remainder of the taxidermy fee. Then, we’ll start the crating and export process. (The taxidermists we use have all been in the industry for years. Furthermore, we would not stake our reputation using anyone other than highly experienced practitioners.)
  9. You will be given options for export, be it air or ocean and will be introduced to the importing agent as and where necessary in your home country.
  10. Once you have settled the export charges, your trophies will be on their way. We will keep in touch until they have been cleared and collected (if you are picking them up) or received (if they are being delivered to your home). Either way, we’ll keep in contact, to ensure everything was just as you expected.

Please remember, we remain your one stop ‘point-of-contact’ till your trophies are done and safely home with you.

And as many people popped past the booths in Dallas and Nashville, we are at the major shows to help answer anything you need to know.

Here’s to a wonderful year of hunting in Africa!


Richard Lendrum


New Rigby knives 

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. introduce two new knives to the Rigby Shikar Store – the Rigby ‘Bwabwata’ knife and the Rigby Damascus ‘Luangwa’ knife. Crafted in the UK by renowned custom knifemakers Emberleaf, these knives offer the perfect blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and functionality.

Leica launches Calonox 2

The Calonox 2 range also incorporates an optional built-in laser rangefinder so hunters are able to increase the accuracy of their night hunting.

New Shikari Rifle

The Shikari is a modern interpretation of a classic British double rifle introduced to the Rigby range in the late 1890s, which became a staple for colonial game wardens and Professional Hunters.

Olive green Leica Geovid Pro 32

The updated Geovid Pro 32 rangefinding binoculars, which are available in 8×32 and 10×32, were unveiled to the public in 2022 and combine optical quality and ballistic technology in a compact, slim design. Now, its available to American hunters in an, olive-green limited edition.

Rigby unveiled Big Game Lightweight at DSCC

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co announced the latest addition to its line of sporting guns: the Shikari double rifle.
 The Shikari is a modern interpretation of a classic British double rifle introduced to the Rigby range in the late 1890s, which became a staple for colonial game wardens and Professional Hunters.

New Sauer 505 Bolt-Action Rifle

The new Sauer 505 from J.P. Sauer and Sohn has a newly designed steel chassis, silky-smooth bolt cycling, and interchangeable, cold-hammer-forged precision barrels that allow for quick and easy caliber changes. Hunters can select between four pre-set trigger weights from 0.77 lbs. to up to 2.75 lbs.

Justin Prigmore unveils Big Five at DSCC

Award-winning, Scottish-based artist Justin Prigmore unveiled new original works and paint live at the John Rigby & Co. booth #4125 at the 2024 Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention. The four new works are all original oil paintings on Belgian linen and have been painted by Justin for Rigby Art. The paintings are depictions of the legendary ‘Big Five’ – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo.

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Rigby Art unveils new limited edition wildlife collection

London gunmaker, John Rigby & Co.’s art department, Rigby Art, unveils three new limited edition fine art prints of a caracal wildcat, dik-dik antelope, and klipspringer antelope. Crafted by Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon, each piece showcases the intricate details and primal instincts of the featured animals and are available to purchase exclusively from the Rigby website.

‘Focus’ Limited edition fine art print
 Immerse yourself in the allure of ‘Focus,’ a limited edition fine art print capturing the essence of the caracal wildcat. Artist Geoffrey Lignon’s distinctive technique, drawing against a black board with a white gel pen and pencils, brings to life the unpredictable and dangerous nature of this stunning creature.

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Our 139-mile Elephant Hunt

It was April, and the vegetation in Bwabwata was thick. Grass towered six feet tall in some places with visibility mere meters. I love this time of year, up close and personal with some of my favorite species – elephant and buffalo. Bwabwata is a 280 000-hectare wilderness area sandwiched between Botswana to the south and Angola to the north, with elephant, sable, buffalo, leopard, lion, and many, many more. 

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Big Gun for the Little Lady

It was mid-morning on 14 May 1973, when the King Air carried my friends and fellow Michiganders, Joyce and Erwin Wilson, with all their gear, including hunting equipment and food. 

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The First Lion

It was around June or July when my first opportunity at a lion hunt came up. I was sixteen, wet behind the ears, and absolutely clueless as to what hunting lion would involve, but when the chance arose, I couldn’t have been quicker in grabbing my rifle.

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One for the Road

Fifty years ago, I found myself in the southern Sudan, in a small camp of Anyanya — the guerrillas who’d been battling Khartoum since the country’s independence in 1956.  The camp was sparse:  A dozen grass huts, a fire pit with some benches, and a communal table with more benches.

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Who are the African Dawn Outfitters?

The African Dawn Program is about promoting hunting in Africa, not just through what we publish, but with the outfitters’ cooperation in this program… and it is for your peace of mind.

International travel consumes two precious commodities – personal time and money. And when you are a hunter, things can get tricky when there are further considerations like rules, regulations, details and differences between each country and their species. It is important to have a good outfitter, and whether it is your next hunting safari, or your first one, there are many outfitters to choose from. In fact, there are over 500, so how do you find a reliable one, the one that is right for you?

To help you, we decided to promote and work with approximately 10% of this continent-wide group of outfitters. We have listed a limited number of an esteemed group of established and reputable African outfitters and they can be found in this Catalogue. To familiarize yourself with this list, we also offer monthly publications, and monthly trophy gallery posts (Trophies Fresh from the Veld). To ensure you receive these updates, sign up

If you are an agent looking for an outfitter to represent, you’ll be safe contacting one of these outfitters.

If you are researching for your next safari, be sure to contact any one of listed outfitters directly. It will support them and save you money by booking with them. Please tell them that it was by them being an African Dawn Member that contributed to the decision.

Our website has a detailed overview of them all, and you know where to contact me if you need to know anything more.

For now, just enjoy the read.

Richard Lendrum - Publisher African Hunting Gazette

[email protected]

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