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Dear African hunters, enthusiasts and outfitters

Your (refundable?) deposit

As we move into the final third of the year, and plans are in full swing for future hunt bookings, let’s just clarify the definition of a deposit.

According to the dictionary,

  • it is a sum of money paid into a bank or building society account  


  • a sum payable as a first instalment on the purchase of something, or as a pledge for a contract, the balance being payable later.

When a deposit for a hunt has been paid, whether by check or by wiring the funds (as is more usual now), this is the formal commitment between the parties for a hunt at some specific date.

In both the above definitions, what is not mentioned is a refundable deposit and I can find no reference to that.

Nobody wants to lose money, so that is a given. And you cannot book a seat on a plane, theater, football game, without paying the full cost at the time. Some hotels and restaurants seem to have a more flexible policy in their booking management, though I wonder for how long. When it comes to booking a hunt, there is generally only a limited number of hunting slots in a year. If you book one, you have technically committed yourself, hence the deposit. But what if you genuinely cannot make it for health reasons, personal commitments or, heaven forbid I even mention those five letters – COVID – and everything related to it?

It is a minefield.

Hunters have real challenges regarding travel. Travel will never be as easy as it was BC (before Covid) and there has to be more forgiveness in the system from both sides. On one hand, hunters need to understand the logistics for outfitters to organize to be ready to host them in the middle of the African bush, and then only to be let down at the last minute. The outfitter will not be able to sell that slot and all the incurred preparation costs still need to be covered.

By the same token, outfitters need to understand the hurdles hunters are jumping over to get to Africa. And sometimes, a lot of things go wrong. Just this week, a client was bringing his son-in-law and two grandsons to Africa. He misplaced his passport, so the three left ahead of him. He intended to follow a day later, on the same schedule United flight once he found his passport. Simple, it would seem. But bad weather while getting to New York caused him to miss the connections, so he had to wait for the second day’s United flight. That was cancelled (while he was on the plane!) so on Day 3 he flew to Atlanta to get on Delta and  finally made it to South Africa - but his luggage and gun didn’t. He was not too fazed about his clothes and rifle which we kept safe at Afton, but charter flights, tickets, additional Covid tests - you name it – all had to shift. That ladies and gents is the safari business today.  

So when you think of paying or asking for that deposit – try factor in many more variables – because nowadays, I suspect they are going to become the norm.

Richard Lendrum

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