Homeownership preferences are changing

… but finding them, no matter where they are, is about to become much easier with our new partnership

Homeownership preferences vary from suburb to suburb and from city to city, reflecting both local and national drivers. Estate and Sectional Title stock in Sandton have soared since 1994, while Freehold property stock has increased only marginally, suggesting homeowners in South Africa’s economic engine are opting in increasing numbers for safety and lock-up-and-go living over the space that comes with larger gardens.

Our analysis of preferences in Sandton indicates how stock holdings in the three categories have changed dramatically since 1994, and which category type dominates in which suburb. The report also highlights Sectional Title popularity with buyers under 35 who want flexible lifestyles, while Freehold and Estates are more popular with the 36 - 49 age group, where more space is needed to accommodate family life.

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Improving accuracy of business deliveries to customers
Traditional suburbs like Sandton, have a reasonably high degree of location accuracy, but Townships, Estates and plots are often less easy to locate. Roger Blewett, a Geospatial Solutions Consultant at Lightstone, says accurate address location data is critical if e-commerce is to continue growing successfully in the post pandemic world. The shift to online shopping has come with changing buyer behaviour, and consumers are increasingly found in places with incomplete or no address data. Our second story deals with the recently launched Lightstone Search partnership with what3words, an address search and location intelligence service which will significantly improve the accuracy of delivery services by businesses to their customers.

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