This March, Wiki in Africa is focussed on Climate.

Wiki in Africa is launching two exciting projects this March: Wiki Loves Africa 2023 and African Environment WikiFocus. The projects work synergistically to highlight the impact of climate change and the environment on the continent.

Wiki Loves Africa 2023

Now in its 9th year, Wiki Loves Africa is rapidly becoming the biggest photographic competition on the continent. The contest was started by Wiki in Africa to address the disparity of Africa's representation on Wikipedia. Of the millions of articles on Wikipedia, those about Africa have the least representation, despite our continent having a wealth of diverse cultures and rich histories. By running an annual photo, video, and audio contest on Wikimedia Commons, Wiki Loves Africa is changing the visibility of Africa by creating an open licenced archive of material that tells the story of Africa on Wikipedia through the eyes of its people.

The contest is open for accepting entries from 1 March until 30 April. This year, we're asking you to adjust your lens and focus on Climate & Weather. With incredible prizes to be won for quality entries, the contest attracts both professionals and inspired amateurs. Click here to read more about this year's prizes and how you can enter.

Wiki Loves Africa Stats
• 88,640+ images collected  • 10,380 unique submitters
• Images viewed 1,044,490,672 times by June 2022 

African Environment Wiki Focus

Open knowledge is an integral tool in the fight against climate change. Launching on Wangari Maathai Day (3rd of March), the African Environment WikiFocus is set to drive content creation and contributions that focus on the climates of Africa, and the impact of climate change and environmental issues or threats faced by countries and communities across Africa. 

We encourage Wikimedia and other communities to contribute content related to Africa’s Climate to the Wikimedia projects in March 2023 and beyond! Individuals, communities, and organizations are free to contribute in a variety of different ways. Click here to read more about the many ways you can join the drive.

The project is part of the African Knowledge Initiative (AKI) and is jointly run by Wiki In Africa and Wikimedia Community User Group Côte d’Ivoire. 

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