August 2021

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New vehicle sales in July increased marginally compared to July 2020; women buyers are opting for larger vehicles; LIVE scans are up to pre-Covid-19 levels and Signio volumes are rising. This all comes against the backdrop of Covid-19’s third wave, civil unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and its supply chain consequences – and you can see the impact on mileage recorded in the data from Tracker. We cover all these issues in this information-packed edition of Lightstone’s Auto Insights.

Of course, local conditions alone don’t impact the industry – global supply chains are constrained, and semi-conductor shortages are hampering vehicle production around the world.

All in all, these are tough times for business generally and we would like to hear how you feel about the future in our latest Automotive Confidence Indicator – also included in the newsletter.

Vehicle sales inch up
New vehicle sales in July 2021 were up 2% compared to July 2020 according to naamsa – but down by 13.3% compared to June 2021- perhaps due to Lockdown Level 4 restrictions and the recent civil unrest. Continue reading

Women go big in vehicle choice
Women’s buying preferences are changing and moving away from the small hatchback and sedan towards the bigger, sturdier Crossover and SUV options as safety, domestic convenience and more spending power drive purchasing decisions. Continue reading

LIVE scans and Signio volumes up
The cumulative number of scans at end July 2021 is 36.16% higher than the corresponding period last year – and this is despite growth being stunted by the stricter lockdown regulations in Gauteng. 
Continue reading

Tracking lockdowns and vehicle activity
Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape dominate mileage recorded by Tracker. The lockdowns in April 2020, December / January and then in July 2021 are noticeable in terms of less mileage travelled. Continue reading

Is the market improving? Have your say
Is the mood shifting in the automotive sector? Are confidence levels rising or have recent events dampened enthusiasm? Read the results of our May survey and share your views in our current Auto Sector Confidence Indicator
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Connecting with Auto industry professionals
Lightstone Auto Connect is a series of industry-led, information-driven webinars, designed to meet the needs of F&I Managers and auto industry professionals. The next Auto Connect is on Tuesday, 12 October at 09:00. Save the date. Continue reading

Quarterly winners shine bright
The Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards is a first-of-its-kind incentive programme. We recently announced our first quarter winners. To find out who the winners are and more about the incentive programme. Continue reading

POPIA is going to impact the way the automotive industry does business in many ways. Follow our POPIA series here.

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