If you didn't achieve what you wished and hoped for last month, don't worry.  Another month is here for all your unfulfilled wishes and expectations to become a reality.  Happy New Month!

We started conversations with ARP to bring Smart Pricing application to our Q2B Clients!  We see huge potential for our customers to integrate with ARP.  But like always we would like to see if you would be interested before we spend development monies on such integration.  Please take some time to visit their website and revert back to us if you would be interested in such an integration.

Click here and tell us if you will be interested
Click here if you have questions about Smart Pricing

Why Smart Pricing? Why Now?

Smart pricing is ubiquitous. Airline tickets, hotel rooms, taxi rides, concert tickets… even physical goods sold online are now priced dynamically. Smart pricing is coming to every industry.

Revenue = Quantity x Price

Smart pricing means correct pricing, not higher pricing. The result is a smoothing of capacity, improved customer satisfaction and increased yield and revenue. Smart pricing satisfies price sensitive customers (eg. locals) and time sensitive customers (eg. tourists).


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