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    When there’s an abundance of choice for your next hunt in Africa, word of mouth is, for sure, one of the greatest ways to help you make your final decision. And if you know the sources, those recommendations are all the more trustworthy.

    If the source is independent, yet reliable - that is also great. Now add in the digital element and you will have forums like or and it spreads like wildfire, with all sorts of people offering all sorts of comments. They no doubt have value, but I have a few concerns and, having been recently exposed to some posts from the dark side, it is quite interesting to see how this works.

    I was alerted to an old post on a bowhunting site where someone posted a negative comment about Afton. It caught me off guard when I was not alerted to this at the time, wherein the author was referring to an exchange he had had in August 2021.

    When I contacted the author, and asked him why he chose not to bring this to my attention so we could resolve / discuss it, here is his response:

    “I did not actually post a review, nor did I give my opinion.  Some hunters were saying that they had a good experience with you (AFTON), and I felt that those that were thinking of hiring you should know that not everyone has had the same good experience with you.”

    I mean, what is this? This character had not even stayed at the Afton or experienced the Afton hospitality in August 2021. We had had numerous email exchanges where he made various unacceptable suggestions before I politely said that I could not provide the service he expected of us. He wanted us “to intercept the bow case as it got off the aircraft… Definitely not something we could do!

    Anyway, when it comes to hunting, there are so many factors that are not always taken into account, or referred to, such as the availability of game, the health of the hunter him/herself, the time allowed for the hunt.  And conversely, glowing reviews without due verification can give a false impression.

    So, do your homework.

    And for those who think the industry has limited potential, I want to share with you a picture of Douglas, who came out with his son from Nebraska. Not only was he a first timer to Africa, but Douglas, at the age of 51, had NEVER been on a plane! Arriving in hectic jeans and huge cowboy boots – this was just the best. A hunting nut, who drives across the US to hunt – now thought he would go with his son and visit our wonderful continent. By his own admission he had loads of friends back home waiting for the report back after his safari.

    Well, that was just a fantastic guest to have hosted, and now… the season is about to break into full stride.

    Enjoy the read this April.


    Richard Lendrum


    GPO’s SPECTRA  6X 4.5-27x50i SFP

    Designed as the ultimate long-range, high-performance riflescope, the German Precision Optics (GPO) SPECTRA 6X 4.5-27x50i SFP has been built to give premium performance for those who hunt game in environments where shooting at extended ranges is often required.

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    Classic and Contemporary African Hunting Literature:

    Cries of the Savanna
    Sue Tidwell knew little about hunting in Africa or the complexities of game management, hunting ethics and human-wildlife interactions when she accompanied her husband on a 21-day hunt for leopard, buffalo and plains game in Tanzania. She returned home with her eyes and mind expanded, and spent the next three years researching, compiling and, eventually, capturing in words what she’d discovered. Cries of the Savanna is the result of those efforts. Other than Ruark’s renowned Horn of the Hunter, I can’t think of a book that distills the myriad thoughts a first-time, or even experienced, hunter visiting Africa experiences on safari.

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    First Global Human-Wildlife Conflict Summit

    Hundreds of representatives from conservation organisations, academia, governments, businesses and indigenous and local communities from six continents and 70 countries met for the International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence, hosted by the IUCN at Oxford University, England, between 30 March and 1 April 2023.
    This event also saw the publication of the IUCN SSC Guidelines on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence, which will inform the creation of urgently-needed national policies and support action on the ground.

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    World's Longest Buffalo Hunt

    I hunted with Monterra Safaris in May 2021.  On that hunt I had an opportunity to take a Cape buffalo that was giving them some problems.  Of course, my only bad shot of the entire hunt was on this buffalo.  Not nervous, not in a bad position, the PHs set me up perfectly – I just flat out pulled it to the right.  I felt terrible as the PHs had put me in the perfect spot at the right time, and I blew it.  On top of that, I felt bad for the animal that was now wounded and hurt.  My shot went too far forward, entering and exiting his brisket.  He bled enough, though finally it was down to very small droplets that stopped all together, but we were able to track him for three days until the blood trail quit. We bumped him twice, but no shots were taken as he ran away instead of towards us. I even hired a helicopter for half a day to try to find him. My time ran out and I had to leave with him still out there.

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    Campfire Thoughts & Reminiscences Ch 17

    I think there are as many reasons hunters pursue game as there are hunters – and those who hunt feathered game are no exception. When I decided to sell off my rifles and, instead, take up my sport of ‘shooting flying’, I had to seriously consider this change in my hunting options.
    I have always enjoyed and thrilled in the challenge of tracking and following game animals in their natural habitat, studying their habits and their ways of eluding a hunter. The kill was simply an end to the challenge.

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    African Dawn

    Who are African Dawn Outfitters?

    The African Dawn Program is about promoting hunting in Africa, not just through what we publish, but with the outfitters’ cooperation in this program… and it is for your peace of mind.

    International travel consumes two precious commodities – personal time and money. And when you are a hunter, things can get tricky when there are further considerations like rules, regulations, details and differences between each country and their species. It is important to have a good outfitter, and whether it is your next hunting safari, or your first one, there are many outfitters to choose from. In fact, there are over 500, so how do you find a reliable one, the one that is right for you?

    To help you, we decided to promote and work with approximately 10% of this continent-wide group of outfitters. We have listed a limited number of an esteemed group of established and reputable African outfitters and they can be found in this Catalogue. To familiarize yourself with this list, we also offer monthly publications, and monthly trophy gallery posts (Trophies Fresh from the Veld). To ensure you receive these updates, sign up

    If you are an agent looking for an outfitter to represent, you’ll be safe contacting one of these outfitters.

    If you are researching for your next safari, be sure to contact any one of listed outfitters directly. It will support them and save you money by booking with them. Please tell them that it was by them being an African Dawn Member that contributed to the decision.

    Our website has a detailed overview of them all, and you know where to contact me if you need to know anything more.

    For now, just enjoy the read.

    Richard Lendrum - Publisher African Hunting Gazette

    [email protected]


    List of African Dawn Members 2023

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