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If the picture caught your attention, GOOD. Just read on.

Last year Rigby offered a brand-spanking-new .416 for our Life Member Draw – (all existing and new members went into the draw). Instead of investing in advertising cash, they donated the rifle. Response was tremendous, Rigby recognized this and CEO Marc Newton agreed to donate once again. We’re delighted. And, as they say…there’s more!

We have “upped the ante” to quote some silly expression – (where does that expression even originate?). This year, we asked Cameroon-based African Dawn member, Mayo Oldiri if they would be interested in doing something special. Raquel was as immediate in her response as she is with every message I send her. But we did not expect this. I did not expect this.

So… wait for it. In this year’s Life Membership Draw, we have not only the Rigby .416, we also have a full-blown, “all daily fees included,” bongo hunt in the forests of Cameroon! Yes, that is correct. A bongo hunt, courtesy of Mayo Oldiri!

Somewhere north of $30,000 worth of a safari, for one of the top trophy hunts in Africa – and that is ON TOP of the magnificent .416 Rigby. I don’t know what else to say.

Like all lucky draws, there are terms.

For instance, the cost of flights and trophy fee are excluded, and the prize has to be used in 2023 or 2024. But there you have it.

All existing and NEW members (who we hope to convert all you passionate readers to become) will be eligible. A Life Membership receives an incredible line-up of gifts – USEFUL stuff of value: Game Animals of Africa Map (NEW); Shipping voucher, redeemable as cash; an Nkosi Jubane original hand-crafted and scrimshawed knife, and the unique AFTON Safari Lodge VIP Experience. The draw closes September 6,2022. The odds of winning are very good.

To sign up, give a gift to a buddy, son, father, husband, or wife - ???? this is what you need to click! THE GREAT AHG Life Membership DRAW.

I need not tell you how chuffed Buzz Nady was winning his Rigby last year (read this link if you need confirmation). Heaven knows what sort of feeling this year’s winner will have, winning not only a dream rifle, but a dream hunt too. As our longest-standing and world-class contributo, Terry Wieland said in his iconic book – “It is a spiral-horn dream”.


African Dawn Outfitters – Who are they?  

After all the years of promoting hunting in Africa through the African Hunting Gazette and the African Hunting Shows we’ve hosted across Canada, we invited together an elite group of established and reputable outfitters from across Africa for two reasons:

  1. To promote hunting in Africa, and
  2. To help you make the right choice with whom to hunt

We hope you enjoy this brief intro: African Dawn Outfitters 2022


Richard Lendrum – Publisher African Hunting Gazette

[email protected]

Wildlife column

All around the world, the practice of turning to the courts has increasingly become a tactic used by activists of all kinds to stop practices of which they disapprove. This has been used by anti-fossil fuel activists to stop coal-fired power stations and off-shore seismic surveys in South Africa. Now the animal rights movement has been granted an interdict by the Western Cape High Court to prevent the hunting of Leopard, Black Rhino and elephant in terms of quotas issued by the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment (DFFE).

There is a saying that goes “The Law is an Ass”. Here is the derivation of that phrase:

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Classic and Contemporary African Hunting Literature:

White Hunters, The Golden Age of African Safaris

Most popular books about hunting in Africa are first-person accounts, a “this happened to me” approach to the telling. Brian Herne’s White Hunters, The Golden Age of African Safaris, meanwhile, takes a different tack. Herne, an accomplished PH in his own right, takes a third-person approach to describing the evolution of the outfitted hunting industry in East Africa, and the influential PHs of the day, from the onset of the professional guiding industry in the late 1890s to the time of his writing, in the early 1990s.

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End of a Dream

Dilemma! In 2013 I had arranged a two-week safari with friends to a favorite plains-game area that also had great numbers of dangerous game. Then about six months prior to this safari, I was offered a bargain cancellation elephant hunt in Zimbabwe. The price was right, the location was exceptional, and the professional hunter was one of the storied men. The only problem was that I was already scheduled to hunt with my friends and I couldn’t go back on that. What to do?

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Four Friends and a Safari!

It was 16 April 2021, a day that had been in my thoughts for over 25 years. It was special because it was my last day as a detective with the Milwaukee Police Department. I was retiring, and nearly everyone was asking me, “How does it feel?” or “Are you excited?” My response to all of them was, “Honestly, I haven’t even thought about it. I’m too excited about Africa.” This was because two days later, my wife Carol and I, along with our friends, Mike, Nicole, Steve, and Belinda were heading to South Africa… Finally!

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Campfire Thoughts & Reminiscences Ch 5

During my bush life, I have always been very careful when dealing with animals that can hurt me, so it is not too often that I find myself in a sticky situation. Once, on a Botswana hunting concession known as Khurunxaraga bordering to the west of Chief’s Island in the Okavango, I found myself hunting with two friends whom I shall call Chris and Vic. It was a hunt that almost ended in disaster.
Chris was the managing partner of a safari operation in Botswana and Vic was a Johannesburg businessman and gun collector. We had taken a general game licence each and two supplementary licences for buffalo.

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Review: Rigby Big Game .416

When I was 12, my dad took me to an Issac Walton League banquet at the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs. While waiting for the banquet feast of wild game from all over the world to open, we stepped into the Abercombe and Fitch store to gaze over the many rifles and shotguns they had on display. A&F catered to the global hunter and we almost felt under-dressed walking into the store wearing a tie and sport coat. Having poured over the many hair raising hunting stories of Africa that were found in the numerous magazines and books that adorned my grandfathers and fathers libraries;

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Featured African Dawn Members

African Safari Trails

African Safari Trails is a family-owned and professional hunting lodge located in the heart of Namibia, in 18 000 acres of privately owned bushveld situated northeast of Windhoek, and a two-hour drive from the capital.

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Keibeb Safaris

Keibeb Safaris, founded by Steph Marais in 2006, offers exceptional trophy hunting, luxurious accommodation and uniquely Namibian hospitality. Our private hunting area of 12 square miles has free-ranging game

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Richard Cooke Safaris

Based in Victoria Falls in northwest Zimbabwe, Richard Cooke Safaris offers hunting in some of the top unfenced concessions available in Zimbabwe. The two main areas we hunt are Matetsi Safari Area, and the Ngamo-Sikumi Forest block on the Eastern border of Hwange National Park.

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Strang Middleton Safaris

SMS is determined to provide quality, ethical, and exciting adventures for the discerning hunter. Strang is a seasoned bowhunter with 20 years of experience in the field as a PH. Clients are welcome to hunt dangerous game and antelope with bow or rifle under his guidance.

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In the Bush

Voices from the Frontline
Animal Rights or Human Rights?

The 2019 CITES conference in Geneva revealed that animal rights organizations call the shots.

The convention is no longer about the control of trade in endangered species but rather the prohibition of any trade.

The ARAs would ultimately like to see everything listed in Appendix I. Animal welfare trumps human welfare.

But what about the rural people in Africa who have to live with these “endangered” animals?

In this 4-minute video, Jack Ramsden visits a rural community in Northern Botswana to find out how they cope with the day-to-day pressures of human/wildlife conflict.

The president of Botswana, H.E. Mokgweetsi Masisi, gives his opinion on the present situation and cautions that things must change.

Who is IFAW?

IFAW stands for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

It is one of the largest animal rights groups in the world.

They have offices in 16 countries and maintain projects in 40.

IFAW was founded in 1969, and the initial aim was to end Canadian seal hunting. So how did that venture turn out for both the seals and the people?

News From African Dawn Members

African Dawn Catalogue

I am not sure if you have seen in the African Hunting Gazette –  or on the adverts in these newsletters, but we actively promote a range of outfitters across Africa in whose services we are confident and encourage you to consider on your next hunt. They are what we call the African Dawn Outfitters, of which there are a limited number. Each outfitter is featured over a double page spread in the African Dawn Catalogue, with information to help you make a great choice for your next hunt. Plus, there are links to their websites, other digital material and their direct contact details.  

The link to the catalogue is below, hope you enjoy it - and please shout if you need anything that they cannot answer.  

View and down the African Dawn 2022 Catalogue.


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