Nashville 2023

    Nashville was our 23rd SCI show.

    If I did not have children, loved ones back home and a business to run, I’d have stayed!

    From flying directly into a small airport, being surrounded with great music, experiencing so much of what is great about America in that wonderful city, I think SCI absolutely nailed it for deciding to move to Nashville. Having hosted boutique African Hunting Shows myself, that started in 2009, I know that selecting a good venue is damn tough. And with SCI facing headwinds as they were in Nevada – this was a master stroke.

    We attend both DSC and SCI shows, and it works for us. Unfortunately, the rivalry between the two has been going on longer than 23 years affecting, sadly, the hunting industry, but that’s just the way it is. For the naysayers – those who had written off Safari Club International and opted to not go to this show… here is something for free: You have made a mistake! Big mistake. This is a global and powerful brand, and the ‘pulling power’ of this was demonstrated in one kick-ass four-day bonanza.  

    I can’t remember being at a better show, and everyone I spoke to felt the same. A compact, all in one hall, killer event.  It was overflowing with African outfitters, with very few booths that were not supposed to be there. Behind us were two great Dallas and Nashville events.

    The wildlife variety is all here in Africa. The options abound. And when it comes to value for money or the experience – particularly with plains game… I find it hard to understand why one would want to hunt African animals in Texas. It would be like watching a Cirque de Soleil show on a street corner. The performers all look the same, but you just cannot compare the experience or atmosphere of being in the theater. So, if ever there is good reason to decide on an African hunt, the time is now to share this AHG Monthly, even with a minimum of just five email contacts. This is sent to over 21,000 email recipients – and with everyone who opens the mail playing ball – it could get to 100,000!

    And if it is value for money that you’re after, I just do not understand the toss-up between, for instance, a moose, red stag, or elk hunt, or experiencing the Dark Continent with half a dozen African animals for the same price – or less. But these are Africa’s challenges, and here at the African Hunting Gazette – and with the African Dawn Program, I relish that challenge. The African Dawn Program is a limited group of African outfitters that we know, and that we trust – across the African continent. We do not necessarily have the privilege of having hunted there ourselves because so much changes in Africa – areas, allocations, lodges, that it would be impossible to have ‘hunted there’ as a criteria AND be current. People come to our booth and ask questions, and while not an agent, we want to be able to help. There are just too many BS types for us to sit back and do nothing. We are not the Hunting Police – nor are we the enforcer of ethics. But we are here to say that these African Dawn outfitters are legal, we know them, and if there is an issue with any one of them, we’ll intervene immediately to address the situation. Worst case scenario – those members will not be on our list next year.

    So, as I write this in March, a fortunate few are recovering from their earlier-in-the-year Cameroon or Uganda safaris, while the majority are planning and dreaming of their impending trip. We could not be more excited for you.

    I have a few pics of the show, and some of our friends and clients, but did not do a good job because we were just flat out.

    Richard Lendrum


    Maven RS3.2

    Based on the brand’s popular RS.3, the new RS3.2 has expanded upon the original model’s design to broaden its offering within the RS Series line-up.

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    Leupold BX-4

    The BX-4 Range HD TBR/W 10x42mm fuses Leupold’s DNA engine and ballistics software with the optical performance diehard hunters and shooters demand.

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    Steiner Predator 8 

    Boasting 8x zoom, the Predator 8 riflescopes join the Steiner Predator 4 series to provide big game hunters the pinnacle of versatility and precision in premium hunting optics.

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    Classic and Contemporary African Hunting Literature:

    From the Cape to Kasserine: Ten Years of African Hunting 2007 – 2016
    This is the fourth book in Craig Boddington’s series describing his African hunting adventures; he writes one every decade, but for my money this is the best yet. Boddington is without doubt the preeminent contemporary writer of African hunting tales, and reading From the Cape to Kasserine it’s easy to understand why. To begin, his writing style is never pretentious; it’s simple, down to earth, easy reading. You never have to work, you can simply sit back and enjoy.

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    Aaron Simser: An Artistic Vision: what exactly is that in the world of taxidermy?

    I spent a couple of days in late February with Aaron and his wife Samantha in Douglasville Pennsylvania. It gave me a chance to get, first-hand, an insight as to what this gent has done over the past 19 years – and it was fascinating. Aside from his passion for pin ball machines, trucks, old Land Cruisers, fishing, and restoring an old jail – and, obviously, taxidermy – it is his passion for Africa that was incredible. And what he has developed there is going to be a base for the promotion of African hunting safaris, for a long time, something I have been working towards setting up. But for now – let’s introduce this man who simply cannot keep still. I asked him how it all started…

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    Are Cape Buffalo Really That Dangerous?

    We’ve all heard the stories. The maniacal, charging buffalo bearing down on the quivering client as our hero, the professional hunter, brings his mighty double rifle to bear, ending the chaos with a well-placed shot, or worse – getting killed in the process.
    Yes, buffalo tales have been told and re-told around the African campfire since man began hunting the beasts, and many of these have appeared in magazines and blogs dedicated to our love of buffalo hunting. But how much of it is true and how much is just simple lore, embellished to give the buffalo demon-like qualities, and unstoppable powers? 

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    A Close Encounter With A Lion

    This account of a close encounter with a lion near the Limpopo River in 1845, appears to have been written by William Oswell, a former big-game hunter, three years before his death.
    7 July, 1890.    

    My Dear Baker
    Mrs Oswell and myself thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you and your charming wife in June. It was a true pleasure for us both to renew old times and friendship. We trust that your trip to India will be a pleasant one, and the ship you are travelling one, the Arcadia, will once again provide safe and pleasant transport to Bombay. 

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    Campfire Thoughts & Reminiscences Ch 16

    Living in the bush has its memorable moments, as well as its problems and dangers, but the dangers are not always from wild animals. One of the most frightening moments during my time living in the bush was caused by the elements generating a storm of frightening proportions. In February of 1984, the tropical cyclone Domoina had developed from Madagascar and crossed over Mozambique, through Swaziland, (then) Zululand and parts of the eastern Lowveld, leaving a trail of devastating destruction across the region. Fortunately, the storm just brushed along the southern Kruger Park, which did not suffer the full effects of the might of the cyclone.

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    African Dawn

    Who are African Dawn Outfitters?

    The African Dawn Program is about promoting hunting in Africa, not just through what we publish, but with the outfitters’ cooperation in this program… and it is for your peace of mind.

    International travel consumes two precious commodities – personal time and money. And when you are a hunter, things can get tricky when there are further considerations like rules, regulations, details and differences between each country and their species. It is important to have a good outfitter, and whether it is your next hunting safari, or your first one, there are many outfitters to choose from. In fact, there are over 500, so how do you find a reliable one, the one that is right for you?

    To help you, we decided to promote and work with approximately 10% of this continent-wide group of outfitters. We have listed a limited number of an esteemed group of established and reputable African outfitters and they can be found in this Catalogue. To familiarize yourself with this list, we also offer monthly publications, and monthly trophy gallery posts (Trophies Fresh from the Veld). To ensure you receive these updates, sign up

    If you are an agent looking for an outfitter to represent, you’ll be safe contacting one of these outfitters.

    If you are researching for your next safari, be sure to contact any one of listed outfitters directly. It will support them and save you money by booking with them. Please tell them that it was by them being an African Dawn Member that contributed to the decision.

    Our website has a detailed overview of them all, and you know where to contact me if you need to know anything more.

    For now, just enjoy the read.

    Richard Lendrum - Publisher African Hunting Gazette

    [email protected]


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